For Dr Contraptus the genius inventor (also known as Leonard in many countries) coming up with new ideas and concepts is an everyday thing. But no genius is complete without his very own sidekick… bring forth the lazy, the clumsy, the maladroit Basil, who, in all of their adventures, has the joy of testing some of these wacky creations… needless to say, when the pair is at work, everything really works according to their plans!... or not…

In 2010, Dr. Contraptus celebrates 35 years of success in 40 comic books with over 6 million copies sold in over 15 languages.
This animation service work by Kinema and IFW Studios for Ellipsanime has screened on Canal J -  a French television network dedicated to children's programming.


Year of Production : 2010
Low Res trailer (480x272)
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